• Kratu

I did something naughty!

Yes, me.. Kratu. Muvver got a new car and we went to a show.

She left me and Polo with the windows down, doors unlocked and went to help someone.

She came back to our two faces squished against the windows which were UP and the doors locked!

Please let us out we are scared! The keys were in her bag on the floor at the front. Someone naughty had sneaked into the front looking to snaffle treats and trod on the lock button


The car locked itself.

Muvver found someone to smash the window and then said wait.. Kratu she said, go to the front..

Nope.. i dont do thats. I said I am a good boy

She did some funny dancing and juggling treats.. so I got interested and got closer to the front..

Paw she she kept saying. Paw paw paw

Well I knows my paws and did a smacky smack with my paw and PING! the car lock was unlocked and they all rushed and opened the doors

Then I won loads of rossettes and Reserve Champion in show!

So I was a good boy after all.


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