• Kratu

Autisms got Talent with Anna Kennedy

I performed on a stage at a London Theatre with Polo and Muvver. We did a trick routine..

well.. guess what? I did my own version of her version LOL!!!

It is run by Anna Kennedy who does amazing things for Autism, and Autistic people.

This really means a lot to us as Muvver is autistic. Muvvers friend Karen took some amazing photos and supported her through the day and the show. She is very grateful as it was quite scary! I was very naughty and ate Polos breakfast.. I dont think I will be piggy boy again like that! I got an upset tummy. Polo was funny on stage and did a zoomy! It was a long day.. Katie Price and Harvey were in the front row. We did make everyone laughs a lot! Someone tweeted we were the best comedy act ever!

I like that,. Comedy Kratu!


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