He was rescued at a few weeks old from a dangerous camp where the dogs were beaten and starved. He went into foster with a friend Celia Blacu and he started getting trained by WhatsApp :) three sisters were also rescued.. sadly one died. He came here at 4 months old.  He started training classes, then I went back to where he came from.. and found his brother, sister and mother.. I rescued all of them. His brother Raffy ( he was rescued with another sister who lives in France now ) came to live with us. So with 3 large young males it became very hard work. Trying to find help I ended up with the behavioural team at Wood Green. They supported us and helped us with training.. the boys all got on and became balanced calm dogs.. kratu emerged as a dog who loved to train. He started Do as I Do with Claudia Fugazza and became the first dog in UK to pass his exam. He is a therapy dog with Canine Concern. He worked his way through the Kennel Club good citizens awards to Gold! He has won some amazing best in shows, Pup Aid, Dog Fest and numerous others!  He has been in Dogs Today magazine. He is on the cover of Your Dog magazine ( nov issue on sale now)  Featured in Pets Magazine. K9 Magazine. He has been in the Dodo. 9Gag and so many other media companies have shared about him. Ozzyman Reviews did a review on him and posted several times. He has been on the news all around the world. He has  done TV/Film/Modelling.  He adores people. He has visited a home for people with dementia. A university for students doing exams. A primary school ( weekly visits )  He is full of compassion and love. He is a natural clown that just loves to play and make you happy.. I was diagnosed with being on the Autistic Spectrum last year. He is my assistance dog.  Kratu is also an Ambassadog for Iapwa, an International Rescue charity that do incredible work worldwide. He is raw fed on Natural Instinct as all of mine are. They are an incredible company that have also been very supportive to us. So Kratu is a special dog that is off on a very special mission to raise awareness for rescue dogs worldwide. He is an Ambassador for Photizo red light therapy.

He went to the European Parliament to attend a very special film screening about the stray dogs of Romania. A Maria Slough film. He was in incredible company of dedicated people who are committed to helping animals and especially the terrible situation in Romania. Much more to come about this. It is only a beginning. He is a wonderful Ambassador for rescue dogs and stray dogs. He has attended a very special meeting in Westminster at Portcullis House (Houses of Parliament)  APDAWG and he was in the House of Commons last week for another APDAWG meeting. (For an all parliamentary group for the welfare of dogs) He has  done a comedy trick routine on stage at a London theatre  in the Autisms got Talent show.

He is now the first Canine Ambassador for Apdawg at Parliament. A huge honour for him. 

He has kept many people going through lock down with his antics and daily posts. We have recorded virtual visits for the children at the local school where he does Therapy Dog visits as they were missing him. 

We support Wetnose Animal Aid. They do an amazing job helping other small rescues.

His journey shows what can happen with rescue, kindness, reward based training and unconditional love. Dare to dream. It can happen.

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