Kratu the rescue dog

6 years ago a little scruffy, dirty puppy was rescued from a dangerous situation and it changed my life..  and I changed the life of someone who would come to be known as my Muvver. 

I do some funny things that make people laugh, and some loving things that make people smile.

I am an entertainer as well as an assistance and therapy dog, International Ambassador for rescue and rescue dogs. 

Made history with some of my achievements and been on the news in many countries. 

Touched peoples hearts all around the world.

I have a huge heart full of love and flooffy paws that get up to all sorts of mischiefs. 

I have teefs that do stealings. 

The biggest clown character and huge pawsonality 

Viral internet star and pawformer.

This is me


The goodest boy ever. 


Tess Swan and Kratu at Scruffts, All Abo
crufts 2019.jpg
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